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Our Donuts

q: Are your donuts made fresh daily?

Yes our donuts are made fresh each and every day.

q: Which donuts are best kept in/out of the fridge?

All of our refrigerated range must be kept in the fridge including the creams, custards, mousse and cheesecake. The non-refrigerated range are best kept in an airtight container out of the fridge.

q: Do you sell Gluten Free Donuts?

Yes , we sell a range of Gluten Free Donuts. They are made in a Gluten Free certified factory, therefore suitable for Coeliacs.

q: Do you sell Gluten Free Vegan Donuts?

Yes we have 2 options available in our gluten free range which are also Vegan - the Cinnamon and Jam.

q: Do you sell Vegan Donuts?

Yes, we have a great range of Vegan donuts. Free from any egg and milk products.

q: Do your donuts contain nuts?

Some flavours do contain nuts including our nutella range, peanut butter donuts, snickers custard and ferrero custard. All of our donuts have possible traces of nuts as they are made in the same environment.

q: Are your donuts Halal?

Our donuts are deemed halal. We cook them in vegatable oil, do not use any alcohol or gelatine and use Bulla thickened cream, which is Halal Certified.



q: How Can I Change Or Cancel My Order?

Thanks for placing an order! Unfortunately once the order has been placed we are unable to amend box types or quantities. 


Shipping and Delivery

q: What time will my delivery arrive?

At the moment we are delivering between 7am-6:30pm. We are working on ways to have live tracking of the orders.



q: Do Daniel's Donuts franchise?

Unfrotunately we dont franchise Daniel's Donuts.

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