Got a donut craving but can’t find vegan ones anywhere? Donut worry I’ve got you covered. Never again will your craving for the irresistible deliciousness of a soft freshly baked donut go unsatisfied. Whether you like them glazed, cakey or filled with delicious cream, Daniels donuts has got you covered. Their delicious array of vegan donuts has to be one of the best in Melbourne and all this deliciousness can be yours for just $3! Which is a steal compared to other donut shops who are charging between $6-$8 per donut. You think I’m kidding? I wouldn’t joke about this.

Daniel’s Donuts is where traditional meets innovation. They’ve got everything from your much loved classics of hot jam or glazed donuts, to the newer much loved creations of Oreo donuts and  peanut butter and jelly. Located in Springvale, Daniel’s Donuts is a must go destination for both vegans and non-vegans. Daniels Donuts is the second business for donut guru Daniel Bartalotta.

Aren’t convinced you need to go? When Daniels donuts opened up the crowd of customers wanting to purchase their sweet bundles of goodness was so big, they had to stay open 24 hours just to serve everyone.

Their delicious vegan flavours include Jam filled, Oreo glazed, Original glazed, Cinnamon, Custard and Peanut butter and Jam.

None of the donut flavours appeal to you? Donut worry, they are always open to suggestions and ideas! They are currently looking for customers suggestions of what donut to add next to their vegan range. So hop on to their socials or pop into their store and make a suggestion.